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Hey there, Welcome!
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When Choosing A Water Purifier,

Water quality: RO or Mineral water?
Acidic or Mild Alkaline?

What's the difference between boiled water and all these purified water?
My family members are taking medicine regularly, can we drink this purified water?

Which model to choose?
Payment plan: rent or buy?

Which model and payment plan is more suitable and worthy for me?

Any extra charge for maintenance service and warranty?

How often is the service?
What can I get from the service?

Consuming lots of electricity?

Do I need to turn off the electricity before going to sleep?
Does CUCKOO has electric-saving function?

Any promotion or free gift?

How long does this promotion last?
Do you have special promotion if I purchase more than 1 CUCKOO product?

No worries, we are here to help!


Planning to replace old home appliances or moving to a NEW house without burden?

Items Cost (RM) Items Cost (RM/month)
Brand A water purifier 1000 King Top water purifier 60
Normal air purifier 500 C-Model air purifier 75.47
Normal mattress 2000 Cuckoo x Napure Queen size mattress 150
Normal Aircon 1500 Cuckoo x Fujiaire aircon 88
Total (RM) 5000 Total (RM) 373.47
CUCKOO GOOOD PLAN saves MORE for your dream house!!

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