Adjustable hot water from 40 to 100C

Auto sterilisation of faucet and internal piping

Sterilisation water to remove pesticides on fruits and vegetables

Hey there, Welcome!

Hey there, Welcome!
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without having a water purifier.

Sounds familiar to you?

Trouble to prepare hot water

Waking up earlier to boil water for the family

Not safe for elderly and kids to prepare by themselves

NO safety guaranteed

RO or Mineral water? Acidic or Mild Alkaline?

Wondering if the water is filtered from viruses and bacteria?

NO maintenance & warranty

Worrying about the repair charges?

Worrying about cost for filter replacement & relocation services?

Cuckoo water purifier

Hot, Room, Cold - All in 1

Easy to use - even the elderlies can handle

Just in one touch to get your breakfast ready - Coffee, Tea, Baby milk, Malaysian favourite drink Milo!

Unlimited cold water to beat Malaysia's weather

Safe and Healthy - Mild Alkaline Mineral Water

Meeting the WHO standards

Mild alkaline (pH 7.5 - 7.9) - Neutralise the acid in our body

Have essential minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. for better health

Filter 99% of bacteria, virus, fungus and heavy metals

Cuckoo's Auto Electrolysis Sterilisation to clean your water purifiers thoroughly

Award Winning Service

Having more than 900K users. Why?

1-to-1 Consultation (including after sales service)

NEW FILTER REPLACEMENT & tank sterilisation every 4 months

All purifier parts will be Steam sterilised - even your sink and chopping board

Free maintenance & Warranty (everything covered)

Free relocation service (limit once a year)


Let's see what makes us stand out from others!

Brand A Brand B Brand C CUCKOO
Boiled Water Micro-Filtration Reverse Osmosis Nano Positive Filtration
Eliminates Heavy Metals
Eliminates Viruses & Bacteria
Contains Minerals
Mild Alkaline
Service & Maintenance
Water Saving
Flexi Payment Plan (eg 18/24/30 months)
Free 3 years service and warranty for outright purchase

Get this LIMITED EDITION Xcel Jet Black with only RM70!
Limited to only 3000 units in Malaysia!

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