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RM 1500

Product Information

  1. Eco Pressure Multi Cooker
  2. 14 Safety Features
  3. XWall Diamond Coating
  4. Stainless Steel Detachable Cover
  5. Double Layer Rubber Packing
  6. Auto Steam Sterilisation
  7. Voice Navigation
  8. Smart Algorithm
  9. Preset Timer


  1. Model CRP-P10 Series
  2. Cooking Capacity Rice 0.36~1.8L (2~10cups)
  3. Turbo Rice 0.36~1.08L (2~6cups)
  4. GABA Rice 0.36~1.08L (2~6cups)
  5. Sushi Rice 0.36~1.44L (2~8cups)
  6. Porridge (Thick) 0.18~0.36L (1~2cups)
  7. Porridge (Thin) 0.09~0.27L (0.5~1.5cups)
  8. Power Cord Length/strong> 1.0 M
  9. Presure 78.4 KPa(0.8kgf/cm2),
  10. Weight 7.2 kg
  11. Serving Size 10 cups
  12. Dimension (W)294mm X (H)290mm X (D)395mm

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