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Cognitive Psychology

By Marc Bekoff

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Why do animals play? Play has been defined in animals as assorted as reptiles, birds and mammals, so what advantages does it supply and the way did it evolve? cautious, quantitative reports of social, locomotor and item play habit are actually starting to resolution those questions and make clear many different points of either animal and human habit. This special interdisciplinary quantity brings jointly the key findings approximately play in a variety of species together with people. issues approximately play comprise the evolutionary heritage of play, play constitution, functionality and improvement, and intercourse and person modifications. Animal Play is destined to develop into the benchmark quantity during this topic for a few years to return, and may offer a resource of thought and figuring out for college kids and researchers in behavioral biology, neurobiology, psychology and anthropology.

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Unlike bathing in water, however, the birds often push themselves forward through the snow on their bellies with their bills pushed into the snow, plowing ahead of them. They also sometimes stick their heads deep into the snow while flapping the wings and roll onto their backs. Sliding down inclines Observers from Alaskan and Northern Canadian towns routinely reported to us seeing ravens slide down steep snow covered roofs, only to fly or walk back up and repeat the slide. Ravens in our Maine aviary also roll down mounds of snow, and even do so on their backs with a stick held in the feet!

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