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C) leniently. 6. Which sentence best describes the condition of freed blacks in the South after the Civil War? (a) Their lot had improved considerably. (b) They had won the right to vote and hold political office. (c) They were no better off than they had been before the war. 7. The only southern state that had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment at the beginning of the Reconstruction era was (a) Virginia. (b) Tennessee. (c) Alabama. 8. Northerners who went south after the Civil War either to help freed blacks or to attain profit and/or power were called (a) scalawags.

We could list many others if space permitted. In addition to musicians and composers, the Harlem Renaissance also saw a number of famous black musical producers. Eubie Blake, Noble Sisle, © Milliken Publishing Company F. E. The names go on and on. African Americans also made contributions in science. Washington’s Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. During much of this time, southern farmers grew almost nothing except cotton. Carver convinced them to grow peanuts and sweet potatoes, proving that these could make worthwhile cash crops.

The book is considered one of the most important works ever written dealing with African-American culture and American race relations. Du Bois used the book to criticize the philosophy and ideas of Booker T. Whereas Washington thought blacks could better themselves by learning useful trades, Du Bois said that they should fight for equal rights in every area—social, economic, and political. Du Bois also criticized Washington for ignoring what he called the “talented tenth” from which the leaders of the black community came.

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