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44b; also Kruisinga, Handbook,' § 107. ' Gothenburg Studies in English, 14 (reprinted in Collected Papers II, 109-125). — The difference between the two aspects mentioned here may be graphically represented by a line for the imperfective, a dot • for the perfective aspect. 1 2 34 VERBS Compare also the following paragraph about Seymour rsi:mo:; Hicks, the actor: The accomplishment of the man! The tricks() (she diabolical cleverness! Watch him listen, for example. There is no more difficult or less understood art on the stage than this one of listening, and when you have seen Seymour listening, you have seen the whole thing, inside out, upside down, backwards.

Underwood asked. e. , p. 80. ' ' It's the Only Thing To Do,' he said, obviously speaking in capital lettere. ' I shall sell this place . ' Cut your losses — it's the only way . . Youth to youth . . They're made for each other, those two . . I shall clear out . ' asked Mr. Satterthwaite. A. Christie, Three Act Tragedy, p. 47. The shadow of Flora fell on Rosamund. ' I've been sent,' she said, 'to fetch you. It's bedtime. ' R. , p. 126. ' I'm not coming to this service,' William said to Charles and Rosamund.

He forgot to shave. b. I am forgetting my French. Dear me, I'm forgetting my umbrella! 4a. Do you mind ( = object to) letting me get out first? b. Aunt Mary is minding (= looking after) the children. 5a. e. I am of opinion) (that) we had better take his offer. He seems to think I'm too old. b. What are you thinking of ? (Cf. ) He seems to be thinking the matter over. 6a. That's a very funny story. b. I suppose you think you're being funny? e. ) 1. Even in their central meaning verbs like to hear and to see may occur in the progressive to express development by degrees: I'm hearing it better now; I'm seeing it more clearly now.

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