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By Burkard Polster

ISBN-10: 146126426X

ISBN-13: 9781461264262

How do you express for your scholars, colleagues and acquaintances a few of the great thing about the type of arithmetic you're captivated with? while you are a mathematician attracted to finite or topological geometry and combinatorial designs, you'll begin through exhibiting them many of the (400+) photos within the "picture book". photographs are what this ebook is all approximately; unique images of everybody's favourite geometries akin to configurations, projective planes and areas, circle planes, generalized polygons, mathematical biplanes and different designs which catch a lot of the sweetness, development ideas, particularities, substructures and interconnections of those geometries. the extent of the textual content is appropriate for complicated undergraduates and graduate scholars. no matter if you're a mathematician who simply wishes a few attention-grabbing examining you'll benefit from the author's very unique and entire guided journey of small finite geometries and geometries on surfaces This guided journey contains plenty of sterograms of the spatial versions, video games and puzzles and directions on the right way to build your personal photographs and construct many of the spatial types yourself.

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