A Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units by Donald Fenna PDF


By Donald Fenna

ISBN-10: 0198605226

ISBN-13: 9780198605225

This finished and authoritative dictionary offers transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and varieties of weights and measures in the Systeme overseas (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it's also basic old and clinical history, masking the improvement of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will turn out precious to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the overall person.

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The f SI system has numerous simply named derived units, such as the newton and the joule. These two are, respectively, the force that causes one kilogram to be accelerated at 1 metre per (1) second per (1) second, and the work done by 1 newton acting over 1 metre. Being coherent refers to this consistent use of 1. s. system, with its base units the centimetre and the gram, the corresponding coherent units were the dyne and the erg, respectively the force that causes 1 gram to be accelerated at 1 centimetre per (1) second per (1) second, and the work done by 1 dyne acting over 1 centimetre.

BSI [British Standards Institute] photography See film speed. B. U. u. u, Btu electromagnetics UK See Board of Trade unit. U. in UK to differentiate it from fBoard of Trade unit) The energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Since the precise amount is dependent on the starting temperature, any use of the term requires an acknowledgement of this. g. e. ^ of the energy required to raise 1 pound of liquid water from freezing point to boiling point. u. IT .

Bl-troy See British Imperial system. bicron [bi micron] (also stigma) length 1CT12 m = 1pm, the numeric 27 binary notation, binary number factor being the square of that of the micron (an Si-deprecated name), along with stigma, now correctly the picometre. d. [Lat: bis in die] medicine Twice per day. d. s. s. system. billion [Lat: 'two'] Symbol bn. Often used to mean a huge number, bu specifically defined traditionally as: North America = 1 000 million = (1 OOO)2 thousand, = I0l3x2)+3 = 109. UK = 1 000 000 million = (million)2, = 106x2 = 1012.

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