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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been a good booklet for that target. i might definately reccomend.

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The pouting and sulking child could only be described as petulant. pretentious (pri· ten·shu˘s) adj. showy, pompous, putting on airs. Hannah thinks that being pretentious will make people like her, but she is sorely mistaken. 20 501 Vocabulary Questions puerile ( pyoo·e˘·r˘l) adj. 1. childish, immature. 2. suitable only for children; belonging to or of childhood. Andrew is a remarkably successful businessman for someone so puerile. punctilious (pun k· til·i·u˘s) adj. very conscientious and precise; paying great attention to details or trivialities, especially in regard to etiquette.

To abscond is to run away secretly and hide, usually in order to avoid arrest or prosecution. 107. Venal means easily bribed or corrupted; unprincipled. 108. To purloin means to steal. 109. To bilk means to deceive or defraud; to swindle or cheat, especially to evade paying one’s debts. 110. Enormity means excessive wickedness or a monstrous offense or evil act; an atrocity. 111. A tribunal is a court of justice. 112. To exculpate means to free from blame or clear from a charge of guilt. 113. Reprehensible means deserving rebuke or censure; deserving of strong criticism or disapproval.

A caste is a distinct social class, system, or group. 68. To teem is to be full of or present in large numbers. 69. To broach is to bring up or introduce in order to begin a discussion of a topic or issue. 70. To roil in this context means to stir up or agitate; to anger or annoy. Roil can also mean to make (a liquid) cloudy or muddy. 71. To flout is to disobey openly or scornfully; to reject, mock, or go against (a tradition or convention). 72. Guile means treacherous cunning or shrewd; crafty deceit.

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